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Gran Bardena

68 km. Gradient: 520 m.


An excellent route that combines various trails to cross the Bardenas from one extreme to the other. It is a linear route which can be done in either direction, so logistic planning must be made.


Start point: El Paso from the north and the Tudela-Tauste road (km 22) from the south.

Described from north to south, the route starts in El Paso on the track to the Military Zone (heading to Arguedas). It circles the military zone along the perimeter track, passing by Sanchicorrota and the Cruceta (it's possible to circle the military zone in either direction, but the signed route is shorter). We leave the depression of La Blanca by heading up the Loma de la Madera to enter the most solitary part of the route. Passing through the presence of the imposing Nasa, the track takes us to the Tudela-Ejea de los Cabalelros road. From here, the route heads towards the clearly visible Plana de la Negra, a wide mesa-shaped high ideal for cycling. Before reaching the Sancho Abarca Sanctuary, a turning takes us down to the tough descent of the Negra towards the Valdenovillas ravine, and then onto the Tudela-Tauste road, which is the end of our journey.

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